• Bid farewell to the traditional! From the traditional to the Internet, a new interactive mode, let the world in Miao style!
  • Miaoxiu base

    Through the intersection of ethnic and modern arts
    Borrow new technology and new design form of expression
    Deconstruct the elements of the national theme

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    Take / dream / / MA, far / square / not / in / far / square
    Valley dwellers use their love and obsession with national culture,
    Follow the heart and find it in the warmth of time...

  • Garment customization

    Custom / design / production one-stop service
    Strong team and equipment to meet production needs
    We treat each piece of clothing as a work of art.


Valley Residents were founded in Hunan, Xiangxi, in 2014.
Located in, people living here take place
Don't talk about the theory but have a thorough
understanding of beauty like nature itself.
They advocate the use of ingenuity, natural law of spiritual identification
Fulfill the vision of life and the expression of emotion



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